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※ 젠브릭스(KCSONE) Best cooperation with Guangdong Winshare Thermal 

We are supplying about 800MW Heat Sink every year due to the contract between Winshare Thermal and Korea distributor agency in 2016. 

Power converter and Inverter (PCS) systems and electronics are making changes in the power market with the best technology and highest quality for cooling solutions. 

【Excellent Design and Best Delivery Lead Time : Door to Door : Sample 2~3 Weeks. / Mass 4~5 Weeks for Best Customer Support and Cooperation.】  

※ Guangdong Winshare Thermal 

Founded in 2009 focused on high-power cooling solutions for the development, production and technical services, committed to becoming a new energy field thermal management leader for the mission. In order to better serve customers, to provide more high-quality.

Korean agent: 

1. Web Link : Guangdong Winshare Thermal Technology Co.,Ltd_Skived fin_heat pipe heat sink_Cooling plate_Liquid cooled radiator_Water-cooled radiator manufacturers